Storytelling at Work

Beyond the Border offers ground-breaking staff development exercises, using traditional storytelling in the workplace to reinforce key corporate messages and values in a memorable and fun way.


Stories are special because they stay with you and you think about them long after the event
Principality Building Society staff member

What is a storytelling intervention?

Delivered by professional storytellers and trainers, a storytelling intervention is a high-impact, high-energy performance experience for staff at their desks, using the power of narrative, characterisation and traditional themes to bring concepts alive with unparalleled immediacy and memorability.

Storytelling interventions can explore concepts such as community, teamwork, customer service, accountability, trust, competitiveness, innovation, excellence, motivation, leadership, integrity and diligence.  Interventions also focus on how storytelling gets the message across, and how staff can use storytelling techniques in communicating key values to colleagues, customers and stakeholders.


Flexible and bespoke

Interventions are completely unique and extremely flexible. Working closely with your HR team on planning, delivery and evaluation, sessions can be tailored precisely to the number and seniority of employees involved, the ideas being explored, the length of time and the space available.

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