Themes for 2016

We’re busily working away and as soon as we have details of our 2018 themes they will be available here.


In the Shadow of the Giant

RaventalesHow big are giants? What do they look like? How to they behave? Have YOU ever met a giant?

We’re celebrating giants in stories this festival, as part of Roald Dahl 100, a whole year of activity to mark the anniversary of Roald Dahl’s birth. We’ll be exploring giants from every angle, in traditional stories and in children’s literature through performances and discussions, with support from Literature Wales Roald Dahl 100.

A panel discussion will take place with leading experts in storytelling and children’s literature Ann Alston, Dr Steve Killick, Michael Dacre and Prof Mike Wilson. There’ll be giant story shows for the whole family from Francis Maxey and Megan Lloyd, plus the opportunity to meet some giants in person!

We want to know what you think about giants so watch out for our film-making team from the University of South Wales who’ll be gathering vox pops on giants.

You can get involved beforehand too by taking part in our social media giant competitions to win a free weekend ticket for one adult, for the festival.

Roald Dahl

Myth and Music of India

Evoking the sights and sounds, the spice and colour of India with Urdu love poetry, shape-shifting goddesses, epic stories from the Ramayana, Indo Celtic jazz, Indian acrobats, and a Rajasthani wedding band!
With contributions from…. Ghazalaw, Peter Chand, Circus Raj, Sheema Mukherjee, TUUP, Kamini Ramachandran, and many more….

BtB – A Kid-Friendly Festival

Whether you come for the whole weekend or on one of our great value Taster Tickets, there’s plenty for you and your children to enjoy at BtB.

IMG_2083For a start, there’s our dedicated Kidzone, featuring among others the fabulous Flying Seagulls with their high-energy, all-day programme of music jams, circus sessions and their unmissable Fancy-dress Children’s Joke Telling Cabaret.

Then there is The Family Tent, with a range of storytelling shows for children over the age of seven and their families…

Specially for younger ones, we have The Little Tent, providing story and puppetry for the Early Years, and this year including a magical tent-within-a-tent, offering Stories In The Dark

Plus there will be street theatre and face-painting, lantern making and marching bands, the acrobats and aerialists of India’s Circus Raj, a Saturday afternoon children’s procession and on Sunday afternoon, our hugely popular Young Storyteller Competition, open to all 8-18 year olds – fab prizes in all age categories!

Sally%20Pomme%20Clayton%202012[2]What Have The Greeks Ever Done For Us?

A salute to the culture that gave us some of the great myths of the western world – stories of love-goddess Aphrodite, sex-god Zeus, brave hero Perseus, immortal lovers Eros and Psyche. Guest appearances from Socrates, Plato and Pythagoras, stories from Sally Pomme Clayton, Daniel Morden, Hugh Lupton with Helen Chadwick and more….

Tales of The Smith

From the Greek god of fire to a blacksmith who waits by a bridge of bones, from the Germanic smith Wayland to the Finnish Ilmarinen in his forge, we celebrate the magical skills of the smith in myth and legend……
Contributors include Ben Haggarty, Mikael Oberg, Martin Maudsley…..

Stories from The Celtic World

Hear stories of epic battles and magical cattle, meet the Welsh wizard who makes a woman out of flowers, discover the romantic secret of The Lady of The Fountain, learn how fairies are descended from fallen gods…..
Featuring Robin Williamson, Clare Murphy, Cath Little, Guto Dafis, Michael Harvey with Lynne Denman & Stacey Blythe, ….

MatsandEmmaMyths of Gender, Gender in Myth

Cross-dressing deities, men who morph into women, a girl who becomes a boy – here are stories of identity and desire and the many faces of love, as we explore the fluid nature of gender in world myth and legend. Featuring Tim Ralphs, Clare Murphy, Mats Rehnman & Emma Reid, Jo Blake Cave & The Glowglobes…..

And there’s more……

Plus: Your Chance To Tell

Sessions in The Storytelling Café
Every day these hosted sessions offer anyone who wants to the chance to get up on stage in the relaxed setting of our Storytelling Café. Everyone welcome – sing a song, tell a story, recite a poem, celebrate the oral tradition (strictly no reading!) Sign up in the info tent to book your spot…..

BtB Young Storyteller of 2016 Competition
Sunday afternoon, open to all 8-18 year olds. Sign up and have a go – fab prizes in all age categories!


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