Tamar Eluned Williams

Sat 1.30-2.30 Tythe Barn
Sun 4.45-6.00 Blue GardenTamar Williams

As a young Welsh-speaking female storyteller, Tamar Eluned Williams (Young Storyteller of the Year 2013) was awarded the 2016 Gwobr Esyllt Prize commission which now receives its premiere t BTB 2018. 

Three Around Three/Tri o Bob Tri is a bilingual solo performance piece interweaving story, song and spoken word to retell the story of Rhiannon from the 1st Branch of the Mabinogi, crossing between two worlds and journeying step by step with Rhiannon as she lives out one life out of many possible ones.

Tamar will also be joining other bi-lingual tellers from Wales for Dau Dafod (Two Tongues)