Robin Jenkins

Sunday 11.00-12.15 Bradenstoke Hall; 3.00-4.15 Tythe Barn

Founder and CEO of Atlantic Pacific Rescue Boat Charity and former student of Atlantic College, Robin will join a panel discussion Mediterranean Migrations Today, to tell the story of his charity’s work with migrants in the Aegean and Mediterranean; and introduces the Welsh Premiere of documentary film Lighthouse Lesvos, about the volunteer lifeguards currently saving refugees off Lesvos, Greece.

Panel discussion Mediterranean Migrations Today

David Hughes, Head of European Commission in Wales, introduces a panel discussionMediterranean Migrations Today, with participation by Robin Jenkins, Stelios Pelasgos, and others.  

Lighthouse Lesvos

By the end of December 2015, it was estimated that over a million men, women and children crossed the sea to Europe. Tragically 3,735 of those souls were lost to it. This film beautifully documents the sacrifices being made from the other side – the volunteers desperate to help.

The film takes a detailed look into the lives of the volunteers, providing insight into the highs and lows of life on the island. From their motivations for coming to help, the arrivals and rescues of refugees, the surprises, difficulties and living conditions, and how they grapple with the forces of nature along the coast of the Aegean Sea.