Michael Harvey

Sat 3.15-4.15 Blue Garden
Sun 2.00-4.00 Moondance Hall


One of Wales’ most engaging storytellers, Michael performs two stories as part of our 25th Birthday celebration of Welsh myth cycle The Mabinogion.

On Saturday it’s Branwen, from the 2nd Branch, a story of marriage, treachery, warfare, and ultimately re-birth.

And Sunday we have Dreaming The Night Field, the 4th and final Branch, telling the story of Gwydion the spell-binding storyteller and magician, his adopted son Lleu, and Lleu’s wife, Blodeuwedd – the woman of flowers who becomes an owl. (See also the Owl Service exhibition ‘Petals & Claws’).  “The Fourth Branch of the Mabinogi contains passages that give a tantalizing glimpse of a storyteller in action.”  Professor Sioned Davies in her introduction to her translation of The Mabinogion