Guto Dafis

Sat 4.45-6.00 Blue Garden
Sun 11.00-12.00 Tythe Barn

Cardiff-based performer Guto tells in English and Welsh (sometimes both) for audiences of all ages in festivals, schools and storytelling clubs. He is also a musician, a master of the melodeon who enlivens his storytelling with songs and tunes, in Welsh and English, traditional and contemporary.

Guto has been a mainstay for many years of  BTB’s hugely popular bi-lingual shows (Sat, Blue Garden). His Sunday morning telling of Manawydan and the Enchantment on the Land of Dyfed’ from the 3rd Branch of the Mabinogi is a story of losing and finding, exile and homecoming, and a man who knows the value of forbearance, but finds the solution only when his patience runs out.

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