Cath Little

Sat 7.30-8.30 Bradenstoke Hall


Cath Little is a vital and energetic force in the S Wales storytelling scene, helping run Cardiff Storytelling Circle, curating seasonal concerts, telling stories in local schools, running a Community Story Club, and telling stories with refugees and asylum seekers at Cardiff’s Oasis Centre. She is also the author of Glamorgan Folk Tales for Children, published by The History Press. 

Cath will be performing Castle Arianrhod, one of two versions being told over the weekend of the 4th Branch of the Mabinogion.

Where is Castle Arianrhod? It is under the waters of Caernarvon Bay, it is in the spinning circle of the stars above and it is in this gift of a story, full of magic and enchantment, telling the story of the harm that comes into the world when sister and brother fight. Cath Little brings the strange mythic images to life with her words and her song.