Angharad Wynne

Sat 4.30-5.45 Tythe Barn
Sun 7.30-8.45 Tythe Barn

Born in Merlin’s hometown and raised among the hills and legends of Carmarthenshire, the myths and music of Wales are in Angharad’s genes.

Since 2016 Angharad has been researching and developing a programme that links stories from Wales and India, as part of a creative partnership between BTB Festival (Wales) and Jodhpur RIFF (India). 

The result is Hands of Time, an enthrallingly eclectic mix of ancient Sufi verse, desert melodies, Welsh folk music and poetry, featuring Indian singer Smita Bellur and Welsh musician Gwilym Morus, and performed to an atmospheric backdrop of film shot on location in Rajasthan and Wales. This project is supported by Wales Arts International and receiving its world premiere at BTB 2018 before going on to be performed in Jodphur this Autumn