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BtB at Dinefwr Gwledd Food Festival

Dinefwr Park

June 22 - June 23

Newton House, Dinefwr Park

A feast of storytelling is on offer as part of Gwledd, Dinefwr’s food festival this June.  At the height of midsummer, we celebrate many rich and delicious textures of traditional stories from across the world, featuring some of the UK’s most celebrated artists sharing tales to feed your imagination, body and soul.

Over the weekend, an impressive array of leading artists will be sharing stories on themes of food, feasting and midsummer, including Jan Blake, Michael Harvey, Daniel Morden, Clare Muireann Murphy, Phil Okwedy and Tamar Eluned Williams plus a few special international guests you won’t want to miss!

Tony Evans will also be doing BSL on certain events on Saturday and Sunday.

All daytime performances are included as part of the entry ticket into Dinefwr.

Dinefwr Entry prices:
Adult £7.90
Child £4.00
Family £22.00

NT Members part of membership fee.

Full Programme:

Saturday Daytime:

In the Newton House Dining Room

For adults and 5+

11.30 am– 12.30pm:  Family Friendly Story Feast with: Jan Blake, Michael Harvey, Daniel Morden
Tales told with relish from Wales and across the world, with three international, award winning storytellers who always gather the finest ingredients to share!






1 – 2pm:  Feasts and Festivity with: Clare Murphy and Johan Theodorsson
Talking animals and strange creatures get involved in this hour of foodie stories featuring intense hunger and digestive daring from two of Europe’s most dynamic and thrilling performance storytellers from Ireland and Sweden.


2.30 – 3.30pm: Jan Blake, The Calabash Children

Stubborn sisters, ungrateful mothers and beautiful friendships run wild in this imaginative hour filled with the rich flavours of Africa, the Caribbean and Arabia, with captivating international storyteller Jan Blake.



4 – 5pm: Clare Murphy Forgotten Words

Reluctant heroes, otherworld journeys and near death misses frequent stories from Ireland and beyond. These stories are from worlds where animals can talk, wit can defeat strength and a well placed word or two can save a life.






Stories in the Dark, in Newton House Book Room

For children 0 – 5 and families 

1 -1.30pm: Marion Leeper Stories in the Dark for families. Rooster’s Crow: Rooster crows every day to make the sun come up. When he loses his crow, the farmyard animals have to help him find it!  Join early years specialist storyteller Marion Leeper

2 -2.30pm: Marion Leeper, Songs in the Dark: a simple session of songs, shadows and twinkly lights for very young, Ideal for 0 – 3 years old.

3 -3.50pm: Marion Leeper, Stories in the Dark (0-5 year olds)

The Magic Bag – fox and badger are friends until the day when fox wants to look in badger’s magic bag.  A legend from the Native Americans of the plains. Suitable for under 5s, includes craft activity.

4pm – 4.50 pm: Marion Leeper, Grandaddy Snake, (0-5 years)
A story from the Amazon rainforest about a snake and three cheeky monkeys trying to find some darkness so their mum can get to sleep.  Includes small craft activity.


Story Walk in Dinefwr Grounds

For adults and 8+

1 – 2pm:  Phil Okwedy, Will and the Welsh Black Cattle. Mixing the real lives of cattle drovers with fairy-fuelled fantastic elements, enjoy stories as you stroll around Dinefwr with Pembrokeshire storyteller Phil Okwedy. If you’re lucky, you may even glimpse the legendary white cattle herd.  For adults and age 8+




Sunday Daytime:

In the Newton House, Dining Room

11.30am – 12.30pm: Tamar Eluned Williams (storyteller) and Morwen Williams  (violin) Changeling  Journey to frozen lands, castles by the sea and deep dark forests for a midsummer tale of changeling children and fairy folk bargains, with unexpected consequences.  Suitable for adults and 10+  MC Phil Okwedy.





1pm-2pm: The Cauldron of Inspiration  with Michael Harvey and Pauline Down, MC Phil Okwedy

Look deep inside the bubbling cauldron if you dare, to discover stories from Wales and beyond, of magical enchantment and wonderous wisdom.  Tales told so beautifully, you may be mesmerised into joining in! Suitable for adults and 5+



2.30pm-3.30pm: Daniel Morden (storyteller) and Oliver Wilson-Dickson (violin)
Jack and the Green Man
Don’t miss this wild, Welsh gypsy fairy tale! Expect dastardly villains, talking animals, shapeshifters, singalongs, calling out, joining in, moments of high drama and low comedy. Suitable for children over 7 and brave adults!
MC Tamar Eluned Williams



4pm-5pm: Raise a Glass –  with Jan Blake, Mimesis  Heidi Dahlsveen and Clare Murphy
MC Phil Okwedy

Wrapping up our storytelling feast for the weekend, three brilliant international storytellers share three final stories just for you, as we look forward to a summer of storytelling to come across Wales and beyond.
Suitable for adult and 5+



Newton House in the Book Room

1pm: Marion Leeper: Songs in the Dark a simple session of songs, shadows and twinkly lights for very young Ideal for 0 – 3 years old. (30mins)

2pm: Marion Leeper, Stories in the Dark: Sister Sun and Brother Moon A story from the Arctic about the case of the stolen berries, exploring night and day – perfect for midsummer!
Suitable for under 5s (30 mins).

3pm: Marion Leeper, Stories in the Dark. The Blacksmith and the annoying small thing. Ilmarinen the Blacksmith from Finnish mythology has his work cut out keeping up with the demands of the annoying small thing! Includes have a go and make craft activity. Suitable for under 7s.

4pm: Marion Leeper, Stories in the Dark for families (50 mins) The Magic Bag tells the story of fox and badger who are friends, until fox wants to look in badger’s bag!
Suitable for adults and under 5s.  Includes a short craft activity.

Story Walk

1pm-2pm: Clare Murphy and  Mimesis Heidi Dahlsveen Mythic Madness: from tiny tales of a hungry mouse to majestic stories of the Norse and Irish gods, enjoy an hour of outdoor midsummer magic conjured up by two storytelling greats!
Family Friendly



2.30pm – 3.30pm: Michael Harvey, Stories of the Tywi Valley  Enjoy a session of locally-sourced stories, including legends from in and around the area surrounding Dinefwr, uncovering the magic of the landscape around us. Bilingual session. Suitable for adults and children aged 8 and over.




Saturday 22 June, 7.30 – 9.30pm

Gwledd o Straeon – a Feast of Midsummer Stories

At Midsummer, a time for celebration, fire and feasting, the veil between worlds is thin, and humans, gods and fairy folk slip through. Join six leading UK and international storytellers for an evening savouring stories of banquets, bargains, shape-shifting and fun, marking the moment when the sun hangs high in the sky and light and dark are held in balance.

Suitable for adults and 12+

Refreshments available from 5pm (includes Pimms Bar, etc)


Jan Blake (UK)

Michael Harvey (Wales)

Daniel Morden (Wales)

Clare Murphy (Ireland)

Phil Okwedy (Wales)

Tamar Eluned Williams (Wales)

This session will have TONY EVANS as BSL interpreter throughout

Tickets £10 (this is the evening event only. daytime tickets separate and purchased through National Trust). Find out more about our evening event and tickets 




June 22
June 23


Dinefwr Park
Llandeilo, SA19 6RT + Google Map