BTB2018 merchandise

Beyond the Border 25th Birthday Barnstormer clothes and accessories

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Celebrate 25 years of the very best international performance storytelling with these clothes and accessories featuring the logos of all the Beyond the Border festivals.

This is an exclusive online offer. T-shirts and hoodies will not be available at the festival.


Adult unisex black t-shirt £11.99 + postage

Adult unisex white t-shirt £11.99 + postage

Women's black fitted t-shirt £12.99 + postage

Women's red fitted t-shirt £11.99 + postage

Children's red t-shirt £8.99 + postage

Children's black t-shirt £8.99 + postage

Baby/Toddler black t-shirt £12.99 + postage

Baby/Toddler red t-shirt £12.99 + postage

Adult black hoodie £17.99 + postage

Children's blue hoodie £16.99 + postage

Children's red hoodie £16.99 + postage

Shoulder tote bag £9.99 + postage