BtB 2019 news

Dear BtB Friends and Supporters,

We are extremely disappointed and sad to announce that due to circumstances beyond our control Beyond the Border Festival 2019 will no longer take place at St.Donats. Atlantic College are no longer able to host the festival that was planned for June 2019 which we have had to cancel. We are actively looking for a new venue for the future.

Whilst we feel sadness and frustration, as St.Donats has been Beyond the Border’s home for 25 years, we also feel excited about the opportunities and positive changes a new venue will bring. We will be taking some time to find the most suitable host venue that provides you with the wonderful Beyond the Border festival vibe and can bring to Wales the best in international storytelling.

Meanwhile the team are already visiting interesting sites and are having some exciting conversations regarding future events and festivals with potential hosts. We are also having discussions with storytellers about future performances and projects for 2019 and beyond.

If you would like to share your feelings about the news or make suggestions to us about future venues please contact us at:

Storyteller and supporter of the festival Daniel Morden said:

“Beyond the Border has always been more than the site. It is an amazing community of story lovers and musicians. There have been magical BtB events all over Wales. I’m looking forward to the next chapter.”

Best wishes,

Beyond the Border


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